Saturday, November 22, 2014


Metaphor Coat  \  F21 Vest  \  Gap Shirt  \  Romeo & Juliet Skirt  \
French Blu Boots (Fox's)  \  DIY Bag (tutorial here)  \  F21 Rings  \  H&M Hat (old)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Below is a list of staple tops to incorporate into your wardrobe. Each piece is versatile
and perfect for layering to keep warm for the cold months ahead.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Zara Coat (old)  \  DIY Top (tutorial here)  \  Junees Skirt (old)  \  Nine West Pumps  \
Zara Clutch  \  Aldo Sunnies

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014


Edie Parker clutches are all the hype and for good reason. They can be personalized to whatever name you desire and are so sparkly (sigh). Now you can make one for yourself too without breaking the bank :) Below I show two different fonts and colors used, both giving very different effects. Enjoy!


- Clutch (This one is from Target, here, and on sale in stores)
- Excel blade and place mat for cutting
- Glitter
- Contact Paper
- Glossy colored paper 
- Paper with your desired font/word printed out
- Glue (Crafter's Pick and E6000)
- Scissors

Start by spreading the Crafter's Pick glue to the center of the clutch.
Cover with glitter and tap the excess off.

Next, place a piece of contact paper on top of the clutch and outline the size with a pen.
Cut the paper along the lines and peel off. Now, place it over the glitter and press down.

Open a word doc and set up the page size to the size of the clutch. You can enter a custom size under File- Page setup- Paper size- Manage custom sizes. Make sure to press on the plus button below the window to add your custom size.  Insert a text box and center align to the page. The simpler the font the easier it will be to cut out. A good clean font you can use is century gothic, bold or a medieval font. (free medieval fonts here plus others) Type your name and print. Now, outline the size of your clutch with a pencil on top of the colored paper. Do the same for your name and cut to size. Next, place it on top of the colored paper and tape the ends down.
You will use this as a guide.

Now comes the tricky part. Make sure you are working on a mat (a place mat will do just fine) and with your blade slowly start cutting the outline of the text. Print out a few copies to play around with before and practice making clean precise cuts especially on the round letters. Tip: When cutting straight edges place the blade flat horizontally. When cutting round shapes hold the blade vertically so the point is only touching the paper. (It's easier to be more fluid in motion this way) Any round letters (like the "e" and "d") cut out the middle shape and place on the side.

Once you are done, congrats! The hard part is done.

Now, place the paper on top of the plastic covered glitter and glue on. Don't forget to fill the round letters in the middle. Now seal the top with contact paper. Peel off and apply. Done! Next time you go out with your personalized clutch and people ask where you got it you can proudly tell them you made it! :)

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Bar III Coat  \  Zara Sweater  \  DIY Necklace (click here for tutorial)  \
Junees Skirt (old)  \  Qupid Booties (old)

Saturday, November 8, 2014


F21 Jacket (old)  \  H&M Top  \  Zara Skirt  \  JustFab Pumps  \  H&M Bag
(click here to see the fringe booties I've created from the back of this bag :)) and Cuff  \  F21 Sunnies

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