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I found this clutch on sale at H&M for $7 which was calling for my next DIY :)  I've added this beautiful red feather trim which is also currently on sale in M&J! The end result is a luxe clutch you can accessorize for any night out ensemble or it can be used dress up a white tee and denim. It's so it!


- H&M Clutch
- Feather trim (1/4 yard - M&J)
- Pleather trim (1/4 yard - Joyce Trimming)
- Beacon Fabri-Tac Adhesive
- Scissors
- Foam brush

Start by cutting the feather trim to size and glue onto the top portion of the cover.

Now, cut the pleather trim to size and spread the glue with a foam brush so you don't get any bubble when it dries.
I layered another piece of trim on top to add more visual interest. Done!

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