Saturday, October 18, 2014

Green Pleated Dress

Asos Dress  \  JustFab Pumps  \  F21 Clutch and Cuff (old)  \  H&M Earrings  \  Aldo Sunnies

Monday, October 13, 2014

DIY Loafers, Two Ways: Sparkly Starred or Mink Pom-Pom'd

Take your basic loafers and turn them into a statement sparkly piece
or keep them elegant for every day!

Sparkly Starred Loafers:

- Loafers (These are from H&M)
- Star cushion appliques (These are from B&Q Trim)
- Crafter's pick adhesive
- Silver glitter
- Sponge brush
- Hairspray 

Start by taking the glue and paint it on the loafer section by section so the 
glue doesn't dry when you sprinkle on the glitter. 

Tap off the excess and when you finish each section you can take the extra glitter
and reuse it for the next section! Tip: You can easily clean off the edges with a makeup wipe
to remove any glitter fallout.

Once you are done, seal the glitter with hairspray and let dry.

Now, glue on the stars or any applique you desire and you're done! 

Mink Pom-Pom Loafers:

- Loafers
- E6000 adhesive
- Two mink pom-poms (B&Q Trim)

Simply, glue on the pom poms and press in place. 

Let them dry and you'r done!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Burgundy + Leopard

Zara Sweater  \  Uniqlo Shirt  \  Romeo & Juliet Skirt  \  Aldo Pumps (old)  \
Dressbarn Clutch (old)  \  Fashion Stud Necklace (old)

Monday, October 6, 2014

DIY: Black Gem Stone Beaded Satchel


- Satchel (I picked up mine from Rainbow)
- Nine Round Gem Stone Beads
- E6000 Adhesive

Apply the glue in dots in a grid pattern and place the beads on. Let dry. Done!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Business Chic Attire

Zara Jacket  \  Uniqlo Shirt  \  Junees Skirt (old)  \  JustFab Pumps  \  DIY Satchel
(click here for tutorial)  \  Aldo Sunnies

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Plaid + Statement Necklace

Gap Peacoat (old)  \  Rainbow Shirt  \  DIY Necklace (see tutorial here)  \  Junees Skirt (old) \
H&M Loafers  \  F21 Sunnies  \  DIY Satchel (see tutorial here)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DIY: Chunky Rhinestone Statement Necklace

Lately, it's been hard to find a chunky rhinestone necklace perfect for printed and striped tops. So, 
I decided it's time for another DIY! I wanted to find the easiest way instead of buying rhinestones
and glueing them on piece by piece. I found these rhinestone brooches in my local
 jewelry store and decided I can pin them on plastic as a backdrop instead!
Find out how to make your own, below.


- Silver chain
- Rhinestone Brooches
- Plastic sheet (You can get these from your local hardware store.
This one is from Ace Hardware)
- Two silver links and one clasp
- Plier and wire cutter
- E6000 Adhesive
- Pen
- Scissor

Start by outlining around a necklace you currently own as a guide with a pen. 

Now, take another sheet of plastic and place it on top and cut using the outline as a guide.

Two brooches I chose for the design had an attached drop rhinestone. I took my wire cutter and
removed it so I may use it separately in my design. Now, place the brooches and take a pen and 
mark the back as a guide to where the pins should be placed. 

After, I pinned in the brooches and glued down any edges that fell slightly forward when 
placed on. Then I glued on the two drop rhinestones that I cut off from the brooches.

Now, cut a slit close to each end of the plastic sheet and insert the chain halfway so it's doubled.

Then, take two separate chains and open the ends with pliers and connect them to the
double chain attached to the plastic. Tighten the links and connect two small links to 
each side. Lastly, attach a closure to one side and you're done!